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The GSI Affiliate Program (Onyx) is the most robust and rewarding in the digital sport information vertical available on the market today. As any seasoned affiliate marketer will tell you, the soundness of any program begins and ends with the integrity and demand of the product. There is no denying the size, popularity, and growth of sports betting world-wide. This trend is projected to only increase year over year domestically in the United States as more and more states bring the multi-billion dollar industry out from the shadows and turn sports betting into a main stream form of investment and entertainment.

To that end, both professional and recreational players are constantly searching for the best available information in the form of sports picks and tips. For those new to this business, this is the equivalent of getting the answers to the test without having to do all the painstaking studying and research that comes with finding the right answers. That test being the line that odds makers have made on a particular match and that answer being the winning pick. This is where Global Sports Intelligence fills that demand for customers from Alabama to Albania and Zurich to Zimbabwe.

We are the only firm covering US Sports and International football (soccer) and offering these picks in a fully automated and transparent method 24 hours per day/ 365 days per year. Unlike traditional affiliate/MLM programs that are built around a subscription model of physical product, this product is 100% digital and expires daily!

What Does That Mean?

Customers are paying for information related to particular games and matches. This information is sent digitally to the customer and expires when the event starts. For example, a customer has spent 10 credits to view GSI’s prediction on the English Premier match between Arsenal and Manchester this Saturday. Once that match has started, that information is no longer valid. The product has been used and the customer will then look for additional information on other matches.

How Much Does A GSI Customer Spend On Information?

Because the quality of GSI research is so spectacular, we are able to charge premium prices for our information. For US Sports the cost of a single pick ranges from $10 to $30 USD per pick while International Football (soccer) is approximately $100 USD per pick.

How Do GSI Clients Make Purchases?

GSI has built a unique, first-class credit system where customers purchase credits. These credit packages range from $50 USD to $5,000 USD. Customer accounts are loaded with these credits for the purchase of tips and picks.

What Does It Cost To Become An Onyx Partner?

If you are accepted, the cost is zero.

What Does GSI Onyx Members Receive For Marketing?

Onyx affiliates receive access to a world-class suite of digital marketing collateral for use in e-mail , pay-per-click, and social media campaigns. This portal is updated daily by our marketing and advertising teams to include daily game specials, new customer sign-up offers, and much more!

How Do I Apply?

Fill out the form below. For any questions, send an email to onyx (at)

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